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Organic Practices Adopted

Soil Management

  • Farm yard manure application / tank silt application – This is done before ploughing the fields it Improves humus in the soil, and improves soils fertility without usage of chemical fertilizers
  • Ghana Jeevamrutham – Solid fertilizer prepared by using cow dung, cow urine, pulse four and jaggery. This is applied 3 times in the fields, before ploughing, before sowing and one month after sowing.
  • Drava Jeevamrutham – Liquid fertilizer prepared by using cow dung, cow urine, pulse four and jiggery. This is applied for 4 times in the fields after sowing the seeds as and when needed.
  • Azolla application – Azolla is an aquatic fern with full of micro nutrients, it doubles by itself in every 4 days. This is usually spread in paddy fields to control weed growth without application of chemical herbicides

Pest Management

  • Deep summer ploughing – Pests hibernating deep in the ground are brought out and are eaten away by birds naturally. This apprehends pest growth in the fields
  • Seed treatment – Seeds are soaked in a solution made of cow urine, dung cake ash and hing (inguva). The seeds are placed in shade to remove moisture from them. This improves seed’s resistance to viruses and diseases.
  • Border crops – Crops like maize, sorghum are sown to control field invasion by Moth
  • Prey crops – Tobacco caterpillars and green caterpillars are attracted to Marigold flowers and castor leaves and lay eggs on them. Farmers crush these eggs to control their population growth in the fields.
  • Colored sticky plates – Sucking pests are attracted to yellow and white colors. Sticky plates of these colors are installed in the fields to trap them
  • Pheromone traps – Traps with lures attracting male insects by emitting female pheromones (Scent) are placed in the fields. Male insects are trapped in them to control insect population growth naturally
  • Neem Asthram & Dung urine Solution – Both these solutions are prepared by farmers using, cow dung, cow urine, and neem leaves. They are sprayed on crops by interchanging in a time interval of 20 days after sowing the seeds. The pungent smell sticking on plant leaves repel pests.
  • Chilli garlic solution, Brahmasthram, Agniasthram – Green chillies & Gralic are used in preparing chilli garlic soulition. 5 types of leaves and cow urine are used to prepare Brahmastram. Tobacco, green chilies, garlic, neem leaves and cow urine are used to prepare Agniasthram. Any of these 3 solutions can be used when pest incidence is heavy in the fields

Disease Management

  • Sour butter milk solution, Dry ginger - milk solution, & Leafy decoctions are used to control plant diseases and viruses.
  • Plant Growth promoter (Panchagavya) – Panchagavya is made of cow dung, cow urine, cow milk, curd, ghee, bananas, and coconut water. This act as a growth vitalizer to plant and improves produce quality.