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Since the last 4 years, about 300 Farmers from Siddipet are cultivating a variety of organic crops with the effective guidance of Bala Vikasa, a community development innovator with over 40 years of experience in sustainable development.

Hon. Minister for Finance, Thaneeru Harish Rao, who represents the constituency of Siddipet, is actively promoting organic farming by supporting the farmers through various inputs, subsidies and linkages to help farmers pursue organic farming with increased fervour and diligence.

Siddipetorganicproducts.com is a digital platform available in the form of a website and a mobile app to help organic farmers sell their produce at the right time, at the right price and to the right market. This platform makes it possible for the farmers to sell directly to an individual, a retailer or to a wholesaler.

The platform presents key information like crop variety, stock availability, pricing, plantation and harvest dates at one place to help customers make informed decisions while making the purchases.

Customers can now buy the products directly from the organic farmers without any middlemen after checking the stock available with each farmer. The platform also provides the customer an additional feature of booking the products well in advance.